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PeterConnects attendant9

This version introduces web-based configuration for the Cisco platform.

The highly anticipated new version of PeterConnects Attendant for Cisco (CUCM) is now available. Along with key improvements and new features in our best-selling telephone operator’s console, PeterConnects introduces an integrated product development strategy for Cisco and Skype for Business products.

Attendant 9 for Cisco

The new Attendant version for Cisco introduces many new and improved features that enhance usability and configurability, including:

  • Application settings are now stored in a configuration database
  • PeterConnects configuration via a web-based interface
  • An exposed SOAP interface to allow third parties to provision and configure PeterConnects

Following their introduction in Attendant 9, these new features will be rolled out to the complete PeterConnects product range throughout 2017.

A web-based migration wizard is available to ease the migration from Version 7.2 to Version 9.

Attendant 9 for Skype for Business

Along with the new version for Cisco, Attendant 9 is introduced for Skype for Business. Version 9 includes all the features of version 8. Existing Version 8 customers with a valid support contract are entitled to upgrade to Version 9.

Why we switched to version 9

The new Attendant 9 simultaneously replaces version 7.2 for Cisco and version 8 for Skype for Business. This uniform naming strategy reflects the integration of our Cisco and Skype for Business product lines to a single product line, which provides us with more flexibility and efficiency in product development. This will enable us to bring new functionalities faster to both platforms simultaneously and release new versions more frequently.

The new Cisco release and release notes can be downloaded from the PeterConnects Partner Support website.

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